Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Right, Not a Reward

Possibly a further sign of healing - a post not about me.  I'm linking to an article written by a friend of mine, and published yesterday in Asheville's weekly free alternative press.  My faith tells me that all people are born equal, all people worthy of what is needed to live in freedom and in health.  Housing is one of those things needed - it's not a reward for a life well lived.  Being housed means many different things, but every person should have a roof over his or her head that is safe and dry.  Creating housing to truly meet the needs of a diverse community is contentious anywhere.  My friend Robin Merrell has done an excellent job of elucidating the situation here in our community.  I'm fortunate to call her both colleague and friend as we work toward a community that truly welcomes everyone - including having housing for all.

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