Sunday, May 18, 2008

O Ye of Little Faith

Legal marriage. For me. For my family. Shannon and I will be able to be legally married in a little over a month. I never thought it would happen in a place where I lived, not in my lifetime. We've been married in the eyes of God and community for going on 3 years. For us that's the most important part of marriage - the covenant we have with each other and with God.

And, yet, this legal marriage stuff also means the world. It means no more second-class citizenship. It means our baby will be OUR baby from the very beginning, none of this second-parent adoption stuff that would have to happen if we are not legally married.

Of course there's all kinds of uproar, and it looks like an amendment banning same-sex marriage is going to get on the ballot in November. We can't rest easy yet. But we'll get married before November, lots of us will. And we'll keep working for justice for everyone. We will work as hard as we have to so marriage is a choice for all couples who wish to choose it.